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Achieve your career goals.

Tools to help you reach your career goals.

Using Informational Interviews and Networking in Your Job Search

How can you make the most of your job search? 

Tanya Kett, Student Success Advisor from McMaster University discusses: job search strategies, accessing the hidden job market, using social media in your job search, effective networking and getting the most from informational interviews.

Watch the session and download the workbook for more great tips.

Your Resume - An Essential Marketing Tool

How can you make your resume more effective? 

Resumes are an essential professional marketing tool - they communicate your personal brand. This session will focus on designing a resume with impact from an employer’s perspective. You will also learn how to customize your document to support your career or job specific goal. After all, the purpose of a resume is to get you an interview.   

Watch the video and download the workbook.