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Cheques and balances. It all adds up.

NEW! Work towards your Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF) with applied courses

Diploma in Accounting/Certificate in Accounting Course Prerequisites

Enrolment in any of the following courses is open to students who have satisfied any/all posted course prerequisites or equivalencies. Be advised: Students who do not meet the prerequisites will be required to withdraw.  In such cases, CCE’s withdrawal/refund policies will apply

Accounting Prerequisites
Course Prerequisite Courses
 ACC 925  Introductory Financial Accounting  Recommended:  ACC 830 Basic Bookkeeping or equivalent
 ACC 926  Intermediate Financial Accounting I  ACC 925 or equivalent
 ACC 927  Intermediate Financial Accounting II  ACC 926 or equivalent
 ACC 928   Introductory Management Accounting   ACC 925 or equivalent
 ACC 929   Intermediate Management Accounting  ACC 925 and ACC 928 or equivalent
 ACC 930  Advanced Management Accounting  ACC 925 and ACC 929 or equivalent
 ACC 931  Auditing  ACC 927 and ACC 928 and ACC 932 or equivalent
 ACC 932  Management Information Systems  No posted prerequisites
 ACC 933  Financial Management  ACC 927 and ACC 929 or equivalent
 ACC 934  Advanced Financial Accounting  ACC 926 or equivalent
 ACC 937  Taxation I  ACC 927 or equivalent
 ACC 938  Taxation II  ACC 927 and ACC 937 or equivalent