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Bridging the gap between theory
and practice.

Applications for this program are no longer being accepted.
Please see new program: Professional Addiction Studies

*Please note: the Addiction Careworker Diploma and Addiction Studies Certificate programs are now closed and applications are no longer being accepted. If you are currently enrolled in either of these programs, you will have until August 31, 2019 to complete outstanding courses. 

As a result, a new program called Professional Addiction Studies (Certificate and Diploma) will launch in Fall 2018.

For more information about the program closure and timelines, please visit the Program Closure Information page. 

Future Degree Studies

My OWN McMaster (MyOWNMac) Degree Pathway

MyOWNMac is a pathway specifically designed for working professionals who want the flexibility to study part-time.  This unique pathway allows learners to customize their course selection and mode of delivery to earn a McMaster diploma and undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree in History. 

MyOWNMac is well suited for professionals who are searching for a flexible, part time option to pursue diploma and/or degree studies, and for   current CCE diploma students who would like to earn an undergraduate degree on a part time basis.

Learn more about MyOWNMac.

McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

Students who successfully graduate from the Addiction Education program, and who wish to pursue degree studies at McMaster University, may be eligible to receive undergraduate academic credit, as determined by the Faculty into which they are applying.  Eligible credit is as follows:

Addiction Studies Certificate: up to 15 units of undergraduate credit

Addiction Careworker Diploma: up to 24 units of undergraduate credit

Athabasca University (Alberta, Canada)

Athabasca University recognizes the Certificate and Diploma as advanced standing towards their Bachelor of Professional Arts, Human Services Major.  The Certificate is accepted as 15 credits and the Diploma is accepted as 24 credits. Please visit www.athabascau.ca for details.

Thompson Rivers University, Open Learning
(British Columbia, Canada)

Thompson Rivers University, Open Learning, recognizes the Addiction Studies Certificate for advanced standing in the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Arts (General Studies) - a maximum of 15 credits
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) - a maximum of 15 credits 
  • Bachelor of General Studies - a maximum of 15 credits
  • Diploma of General Studies - a maximum of 15 credits   

The Addiction Careworker Diploma is recognized for advanced standing in the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Arts (General Studies) - a maximum of 24 credits
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) -  a maximum of 24 credits
  • Bachelor of General Studies - a maximum of 24 credits

For details on the above programs, please visit http://www.tru.ca/distance/partnerships/transfer-agreements/mcmaster-university.html

University of Lethbridge (Alberta, Canada)

The Faculty of Health Sciences at University of Lethbridge recognizes the Addiction Education program towards the Addictions Counselling major in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program. Transfer credit will be assessed at the time of application. Applicants with previous degrees may be able to receive additional course waivers.

For more information, please visit: http://www.uleth.ca/healthsciences/addictions

Other Universities

Students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree at another university may wish to investigate with their university the possibility of advanced standing.  Students have had advanced standing granted at a variety of universities in Canada.


Students have until August 31, 2019 to complete their courses. Applications are no longer open.