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male business analyst reviewing analytics outside of an office building male business analyst reviewing analytics outside of an office building

Big Data Analytics

Master digital data for meaningful insights.

Big Data. Bigger Career.

Information for Employers

Advanced data analytics and predictive analysis have become crucial in business, not just in the analytics department, but throughout an organization.

“When it comes to profits, companies that are above average on analytics talent experienced profitability increases of +4.69% compared to companies below average on analytics talent +2.71%.” (tỷ lệ kèo bóng đá HBR)

Investing in your employees through big data analytics training is investing directly into your company. Smart companies know that professional development will help their employees bring more value and insights back to work with them.

By supporting an employee in taking the Certificate in Big Data Analytics from McMaster, you’ll receive a return on investment beyond new skills; there is also the potential for your employee to work on a company problem as their capstone project. Throughout the program, your employee will also gain valuable insight into what others in industry are doing, and will learn from cross-industry case studies brought to life by leading practitioners in the field.

The program is offered in person during evenings and weekends so that traditional work hours are not affected.