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Payroll. Professional.

Work towards your Payroll Compliance Practioner (PCP) or Canadian Payroll Management (CPM) certification.

Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) Certificate - Requirements

Academic Credit:  15 units

The Canadian Payroll Association’s Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) Certification is the foundation for a career in payroll.  It will provide you with the legislative content required to keep your organization compliant throughout the annual payroll cycle, effectively communicate payroll information to all stakeholders, and understand the accounting function as it relates to payroll.
To qualify for McMaster University’s Payroll Compliance Practitioner Certificate, registrants must complete five (5) core courses, as per below:

Required Courses – 5 Core

  1. BUS 850 - Business Communications*
  2. PAY 101 - Payroll Compliance Legislation (equivalent to PCL)
  3. PAY 102 - Payroll Fundamentals 1 (equivalent to PF1)
  4. ACC 925 - Introductory Financial Accounting
  5. PAY 103 - Payroll Fundamentals 2 (equivalent to PF2)

* BUS 850 is a required course for those who wish to qualify for McMaster University’s Payroll Compliance Practitioner Certificate.  BUS 850 is not a requirement of the Canadian Payroll Association’s PCP certification.

For those pursuing the Canadian Payroll Association’s PCP designation by taking course equivalencies through McMaster University’s Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), without pursuing our academic certificate, please note the following requirements:

PCP certification requires four (4) core courses and one year of weighted, related work experience as listed below:

  1. Payroll Compliance Legislation (CCE equivalent PAY 101)
  2. Payroll Fundamentals 1              (CCE equivalent PAY 102)
  3. Introduction to Accounting       (CCE equivalent ACC 925)
  4. Payroll Fundamentals 2              (CCE equivalent PAY 103)
  5. PCP Work Experience Requirement Application (WERA)
    *a minimum of one year work experience in payroll

All courses, including Introduction to Accounting, require a passing grade of 65% in order to be accepted toward PCP certification.

For PAY 101, PAY 102, and PAY 103, sttudents must first register with the McMaster University’s Centre for Continuing Education and pay the course registration fee. They must also register with the Canadian Payroll Association at least 10 days prior to the start date of the course and pay the CPA’s applicable fee(s) in order to receive their course materials and get access to the online learning platform.

For more information regarding PCP certification, visit www.payroll.ca or e-mail the Certification department at certification@payroll.ca.