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Skills for the 21st century.

Non-credit courses from McMaster in association with UGotClass, a division of LERN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Inside the online classroom, click on the Problems button to send a message about your issue. Either your instructor or a representative from UGotClass will get in touch with you. You can also contact info@ugotclass.org or call 855-846-8252.

?Questions about courses?
Click here to learn more about Professional Development Online courses.  

Problems registering?
Click here to see how to resolve registration issues. 



When do I participate?

You participate as little or as much as you want, anytime day or night, from any computer. For best learning, we recommend you log into the class 2-3 times on different days of the week.

When does the instructor speak?

There is no specific day or time you have to be online. Your instructor has recorded all of the presentations, and you can access them whenever you want. The discussion with your instructor and other participants is written, so you can make comments any time, day or night.

Do I need any software or technical expertise?

No, for almost all of our Certificates and individual courses, you do not need any software or technical expertise. You will need to be able to access the Internet and you will need audio speakers or headphones so you can listen to your recorded instructor-led presentations. 
*Some courses cover topics that include software. For these courses you will be required to use the applicable software. Refer to course descriptions for information on specific software requirements. 

How do I get into the online classroom?

The Wednesday or Thursday before your class starts, you will receive an email invitation into the online classroom. If you do not see the email in your inbox, check your Junk Mail folder. If you do not receive the email invitation, or cannot get into the online classroom, just email info@ugotclass.org or call 855-846-8252 toll-free. 

What if I cannot get into the online classroom?

Click on the email invitation you received to get into the classroom. Even if you have taken a Professional Development Online courses before and have an account, you still need to click on the email invitation to see access to your new classroom. If you do not receive the email invitation, contact info@ugotclass.org or call 855-846-8252. 

What do I have to do online?

Readings - Each unit has about 10-20 pages of online readings and the amount of work is geared towards full time employees in the workplace. 
*Some courses have physical hard copy readings. Please refer to individual course descriptions. 

Presentations - Each unit has one or two recorded presentations from your instructor that are 10-15 minutes in length. Occasionally courses also have short YouTube videos (usually optional). Through presentations participants will get to listen to the presenter, see the presentation slides, and receive multimedia. 

?Self Quizzes - Each unit has a Quiz of 5-10 questions. Participants can take them anytime and will receive immediate feedback on your grade. 

Discussions - The written discussion occurs each week with your instructor and your fellow classmates. 

What are the Completion Requirements?

If you are intending to:

  • Complete a course
  • Get a LERN Certificate
  • Get LERN Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Get graduate credit with the University of South Dakota
  • Earn Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) credit

You will need to:

  • Pass each Quiz at the 80% level. You can retake each Quiz as many times as you need to pass. 
  • Make 4 comments. Also, if you are intending to complete the course, you will need to make at least one comment in the written Discussion per unit/week.

What if I fall behind?

  • Always available - All readings, presentations, discussions and quizzes are available at all times, so you can catch up at your own speed. The online classroom is open for 7 days after the end of the course so you can still access the material and complete the course.
  • Transfer policy - You may transfer into the next offering of the same course at no additional cost. Hundreds of people do it every year! You just email info@ugotclass.org and ask to be transferred. We do not need a reason. You can do it anytime, even after the course is over. 

What if I am not sure if this course is right for me?

No problem! LERN offers a full, money-back guarantee at any time, for any reason (subject to approval by your program). There's no risk to you. If the course or program doesn't work for you, LERN will give you your money back. 

Can I get LERN Continuing Education Units or a LERN transcript?

Yes. Every course has LERN CEUs awarded. Every course provides a LERN transcript upon request. These courses will not appear on your McMaster transcript or student record. 

Certificates - If you are taking a Certificate, you automatically receive a PDF Certificate suitable for printing and framing after completing the Certificate. 

Graduate Credit - Some courses have optional Graduate Credit from the University of South Dakota, with grad credit just $40 per credit. 

Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) - Some courses qualify for HRCI credit. 

Transcripts - If you are just taking one course and want documentation that you passed the course, you can request a LERN transcript and it will be emailed to you. Your transcript will come from UGotClass, a division of LERN. These courses will not appear on your McMaster transcript or student record. 


Why don't I see Canadian pricing when trying to register for individual courses at checkout?

This is a known issue and we are working to resolve it. If you wish to register for individual courses, please proceed to the checkout where you will be charged the appropriate Canadian dollar amount for your course. If you are unable to see the amount once you have proceeded to the final checkout stage, please contact info@ugotclass.org or call 855-846-8252.

Why can't I select an individual course from a certificate bundle?

This is a known issue and we are working to resolve it. First, try selecting the individual course title from the dropdown menu on the McMaster website, then click on the individual course title listed in the left hand column and then click "Add Course".

If you are still having trouble registering for an individual course or you are seeing the full certificate cost rather than the individual course price, please contact info@ugotclass.org or call 855-846-8252.

Why is my certificate bundle or my individual course showing up as $0.00 ?when added to my cart?

This is a known issue and we are working to resolve it. If you wish to register for an individual course or a full certificate and the price is listed as $0, please proceed to the checkout where you will be charged the appropriate amount in Canadian dollars. If you are unable to see the amount once you have proceeded to the final checkout stage, please contact info@ugotclass.org or call 855-846-8252.