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Nintendo’s New, More Accurate Wii Remote

Jon off from Nintendo for ushering in a quiet news week several months. But Nintendo is also coming to an end but there are several games available. Certain games on Sony’s Playstation brand new video game console will feature online multiplayer. Still the best-selling console of apps the Nintendo Wii to unlock a secret press […]

Raijintek showed his first case

Contrary to appearances, the housing to the computer is one of the most important components, because it depends on the ease of later development of equipment and its cooling in the work. It is worth to think carefully about this purchase as it is also an element that is not often mentioned. Raijintek, which has […]

Unusual building at Milan Expo 2015

Next year’s Milan Expo will surprise all visitors with an unusual pavilion designed by Nemesi & Partners architects. Their winning design is not only very original but also useful as it further purifies the air from any impurities. A few days ago, an architectural competition was completed for the Palazzo Italia project, one of the […]

Lithuanian hacker stole $ 100 million

The FBI accused the Lithuanian hacker of leading a criminal group, which was blamed on two US technology companies. Criminaw exploiter, phishing technology, stole $ 100 million. Phishing is the most common technique used by cybercriminals in recent years, and it was used by Lithuanian citizen Evaldas Rimasauskas, whom the FBI accuses of stealing $ […]

Kiano Kid Pad mini, tablet for children

Two KIANO companies and Studio Duckie Deck have created a tablet adapted to the needs of the youngest users of touch screen technology. Kiano Kid Pad Mini can add on both rainy days and long trips. Silicone cushions cushions falls and safe use provides applications that do not display any ads, links, sponsored content. Creators […]

Data of 272 million accounts stolen

Data to millions of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo accounts or circulate in criminal underground – reports security analyst Alex Holden. According to an expert quoted by Reuters, the victims of criminals are often the people and institutions whose accounts serve the largest providers of such services. By analyzing the Russian hacking underground, Holden has determined the […]