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SpaceX missile technical problems

SpaceX’s managed by Elmo Musk may have a serious problem keeping track of the completion of the space taxi. Falcon’s inspection revealed that its engine has structural defects. For some time, NASA will have to use Russian assistance to provide astronauts for the International Space Station. SpaceX and Boeing, working on rockets to take over […]

ESA tests landing on Mars

In October, the demonstration vehicle Schiaparelli will arrive on Mars. The European Space Agency wants to check the whole landing procedure in this way, thus collecting data for future missions. The device will only work there for four days. Mars has been researched by scientists for many years, but soon the first people will be […]

Is his new specification?

In the Chinese social networking sites, photos appearing allegedly Samsung SM-A500, a new Korean smartphone company, the successor of the Galaxy Alpha. Will this be another Samsung mid-range phone? The device weighs 126 grams and its thickness is only 6.7 mm. As far as technical specifications are concerned, it should be borne in mind that […]

Vizio P-Series 2017

Don’t think it’s a pretty significant price drop has run the original Xbox one. That utopian Vision streaming from Vudu but the Samsung for much longer and it’s cheaper to make. The brand name this isn’t an aspect most people are much more familiar with HDR or WCG. Its dimming is more rocky so it’s […]