Data of 272 million accounts stolen

Data to millions of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo accounts or circulate in criminal underground – reports security analyst Alex Holden.

According to an expert quoted by Reuters, the victims of criminals are often the people and institutions whose accounts serve the largest providers of such services. By analyzing the Russian hacking underground, Holden has determined the number of criminals under the control of 270 million accounts. The largest group of acquired accounts, as many as 57 million, belong to customers – Russia’s most popular email service, but also inaccessible data of 20 million Gmail accounts, 33 million Hotmail and 40 million Yahoo.

It may seem that the mere taking of a mail and other mail account is not a threat, but because many people use the same login information for many websites, and it is also the email account they are supposed to secure other more serious services such as banking. Electronic problem becomes more serious.

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Allison Miles

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