Kiano Kid Pad mini, tablet for children

Two KIANO companies and Studio Duckie Deck have created a tablet adapted to the needs of the youngest users of touch screen technology.

Kiano Kid Pad Mini can add on both rainy days and long trips. Silicone cushions cushions falls and safe use provides applications that do not display any ads, links, sponsored content. Creators ensure that there is no way to click somewhere where you would not want your child to hit. Kid Pad Mini includes 10 games created by Studio Duckie Deck. These are games that aim to develop and educate the youngest, for example:

Heroes of the game can stay with children for a long time, because the device is accompanied by a coloring book. The child can give his or her own individual character to the characters known from the application.

Although in the specification we read that it is a tablet for children from 18 months to 6 years, this is a device for every child. Older children will also use it because Kid Pad Mini can install other games that your child will choose.

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Allison Miles

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