One third of planes are not working

Only 70 percent of Russian aircraft sent to Syria is operational, reports USA Today, referring to the Pentagon source.

There is no reliable equipment, and the ability to service machines in combat conditions can tell a lot of military logistics capabilities, especially expeditions. It is not surprising that the American intelligence is watching Russian aircraft operating in Syria closely.

USA Today, citing an anonymous source in the Pentagon, says only 70 percent of Russian aircraft are fit to fly. What is the efficiency of the air force? Richard Aboulafia, aviation analyst, explains that this is a very bad result, proving the difficulty of sourcing far from the frontiers of his army. A satisfactory level of readiness would be about 90 percent – a score below 80 percent would require exceptional remedies.

It is worth noting that this is yet another piece of information that reaches us through the American media, which cite the “anonymous Pentagon Representative,” and that both the content and form of communication are the propaganda tools of each of the parties involved in the conflict.

The Russian side has not decided to comment on the above reports.

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Allison Miles

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