A camcorder that helps the blind to avoid obstacles

It is true that researchers are only working on vision restoration technologies for the blind, but before they hit the market it will be many years. So, solutions are being designed so that these people can make life easier. One of the newest is the special camera.

The work of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear researchers, co-developed with the Schepens Eye Research Institute, is a small camera mounted on a clothing designed to protect the visually impaired from hitting obstacles.

Contrary to appearances, however, this is not a simple proximity sensor that informs the object on the user’s path. The device continually controls the area in front of the user, constantly calculating the probability of falling into an obstacle. It only reacts when there is a real risk that a blind person will fall into the object in front of him and then trigger an alarm. When he thinks that a person will bypass the post, for example, he does not take any action.

The tests conducted by the researchers show that in the case of people suffering from so-called. Tunnel vision, the risk of hitting the camera with this obstacle, is reduced by as much as 37 percent.…

Virgin Galactic returns to the game

Virgin Galactic, after a two-year hiatus, returns to the race to conquer outer space. The company has just tested its latest VMS Eve, designed to be launched into the orbit of the VSS Unity passenger vehicle. The examiner ran without any surprises.

Virgin Galactic is one of the corporations specializing in space conquest, owned by Richard Branson. In 2014, however, the crash of its aircraft took place, which resulted in the suspension of the space flight program for almost two years. The problems of luck have already been resolved and Virgin Galactic can continue the project.

The company this week carried out another vehicle test. VMS EVE had an almost four hour flight with the VSS Unity passenger capsule, rising to over 15 km. This was a test of the reliability of the startup and space shuttle combination. When designing new vehicles, of course computer simulations were used, and then aerodynamic tunnels, but tests were also required under real conditions.…

San Francisco tests an autonomous bus

San Francisco authorities want to improve urban transport in the future. Possibly used autonomous buses that will carry passengers themselves. So far, two such vehicles have been tested.

Autonomous vehicles are not only passenger cars and trucks. It’s also the buses that will take the roads of many cities in just a few years to improve the efficiency of urban transport. San Francisco has just begun testing two of the latest prototypes of such vehicles that take place in the Bay Area. The technology is currently being tested in the business park, but we may soon see them on public roads.

Two small electric powered buses take up the test, taking 12 passengers, developed by French engineers EasyMile.

They are equipped with cameras and sensors to select the route and detect obstacles that may be on the road. If this is detected, the vehicle will automatically stop. Vehicles are moving without passengers for a while, and the battery on one charge lasts about 14 hours. The bus is also equipped with a special ramp, which is adapted to the needs of the disabled.…

Africa with Satellite Internet from Facebook

Facebook has been working on a project for providing access to web-based networks in developing countries for several months and has just announced its next phase. The largest social networking site with the French company Eutelsat, which has been operating for many years in the telecommunications industry, will provide satellite internet to the people of Africa.

The project, in addition to Eutelsat, will also include Spacecom, which specializes in satellite communications, to provide access to the network of 14 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The AMOS-6 will be used to carry out this mission, scheduled to be launched at the end of this year and deployed to SpaceX consortium, which will use the Falcon 9 missile. The launch of the satellite is scheduled for the second half of next year.

The new initiative is part of a project already active in 19 countries, but has recently come under increasing criticism from users (especially in India), accusing him of lack of transparency and neutrality. Many complained that access to the network was limited to certain services and strictly controlled by Facebook.…

The default browser on Microsoft Surface RT is disappointing

I guess everyone will agree that a good tablet should be light, handy and fast. How much of these first two features depend only on the physical construction of the device, and its performance is also influenced by the software. It is not enough to use a fast processor, and sometimes you need to optimize your applications accordingly. Apparently, he forgot about Microsoft by creating Internet Explorer 10 for Surface RT.

The Redmond Giant used the SoC Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core, the same as Google has on Nexus 7 tablets. In Surface RT the default operating frequency of the system is 200 MHz higher – it is 1400 MHz. Microsoft’s tablet also has more RAM available – up to 2GB, which is twice the size of the Nexus. As you can see, in terms of specifications, Surface RT does not depart from the much cheaper Google model.

All the more surprising is the poor result of the Windows RT tablet in the Peacekeeper test, which tests the performance of the device while browsing the web. Microsoft’s tablet reaches the default browser, which is Internet Explorer 10, a score of 350 points. The Nexus 7 from Chrome gains almost 490 points. The fastest in the list turns out, of course, iPad 4, but that translates to a much faster processor.

It seems that the latest Internet Explorer is out of the competition. For the best surfing experience, it would be best to simply change your browser. However, there is a serious problem – Microsoft does not allow developers of alternative software for Windows 8 RT to take advantage of such advanced hardware features that it uses in their own programs. It is quite possible that even if Google would create a version of Chrome running on the new Microsoft system, after installing on Surface RT this browser would not be faster than IE 10.…

The biggest threat to your corporate computer? employee

It might seem that after the affair with Richard Snowden, NSA’s national security agency, the NSA will draw conclusions. Meanwhile, it seems that in the same way could lead to another huge data leak.

The American Department of Justice has just accused 51-year-old Harold Thomas Martin of stealing strictly confidential documents, including source codes for a tracking program for other states. Interestingly Martin was hired by former Snowden employer Booz Allen Hamilton, still acting as subcontractor NSA.

Many experts believe that subcontractors can be the source of the greatest threats for both public and private institutions. Buying the latest anti-virus or firewall software without properly prepared security procedures and choosing the company that installs and manages them does not give you anything.

This situation may also affect employees of companies. They may consciously or unconsciously expose us to data leaks, or break into internal corporate networks.…

SpaceX missile technical problems

SpaceX’s managed by Elmo Musk may have a serious problem keeping track of the completion of the space taxi. Falcon’s inspection revealed that its engine has structural defects.

For some time, NASA will have to use Russian assistance to provide astronauts for the International Space Station. SpaceX and Boeing, working on rockets to take over this feature, will not be ready for the long haul.

The biggest problem is space space consortium, managed by Elmo Musk. As we know, some time ago on the launch platform exploded one of his missiles, destroying the satellite, and now has another problem. Inspectors from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently examined the Boeing and SpaceX missiles, which won a NASA contract for providing astronauts on the ISS.

The test did not finish well for SpaceX because the inspectors discovered that the turbine blades of the Falcon 9s rocket engine are prone to very frequent cracking. The GAO’s preliminary report states that this poses a huge threat to rocket safety as these rotors pump fuel into the engines. Their failure could cause sudden loss of thrust and damage to the vehicle.

Interestingly, NASA administrator Robert Lightfood has told reporters that government officials have known these problems for months, perhaps even years. SpaceX has also been advised that ruptured rotor blades are too risky for the consortium’s rockets to be used for manned flights.

SpaceX spokesperson assured that company engineers are making the necessary fixes to the rocket components to avoid the problem. However, the problem can be much bigger, as it is impossible to exclude the need to completely redesign the engines.…

ESA tests landing on Mars

In October, the demonstration vehicle Schiaparelli will arrive on Mars. The European Space Agency wants to check the whole landing procedure in this way, thus collecting data for future missions. The device will only work there for four days.

Mars has been researched by scientists for many years, but soon the first people will be there. The mission requires a lot of preparation, and a part of it is a project implemented by the European Space Agency, which sent a demonstration vehicle to test the landing procedure.

A vehicle called Schiaparelli was launched on 14 March on ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter and will arrive in October this year. This is not yet another Mars rover, but a demonstration design that will gather useful data for future missions. His task will be to enter the atmosphere of the planet, descend to the ground, and then landing successfully.…

Is his new specification?

In the Chinese social networking sites, photos appearing allegedly Samsung SM-A500, a new Korean smartphone company, the successor of the Galaxy Alpha. Will this be another Samsung mid-range phone?

The device weighs 126 grams and its thickness is only 6.7 mm. As far as technical specifications are concerned, it should be borne in mind that the SM-A500 is not a flagship, but a mid-range product, although the price may be suggesting otherwise. Still, we should not complain because it has a 5-inch Super AMOLED screen displaying 720p video. It also has a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor clocked at 1.2 GHz, although sources suggest that it may also be a 64-bit Snapdragon 410 instead of a 32-bit Snapdragon.

The amount of RAM is expected to be 2 GB and the usable memory will be 16 GB with the possibility to expand the microSD card.

The SM-A500 will be equipped with two cameras. The main camera has a 13-megapixel sensor, while the front camera will offer 5 megapixels. The battery has a capacity of 2330 mAh and the operating system will be Android 4.4.4. KitKat. LTE will also be available to provide fast access to the Internet.

Little is known about the housing. Surely there will be a metal frame, but for now there is no information as to whether the SM-A500 will have a full metal case. Samsung does not give any details at this time.…