San Francisco tests an autonomous bus

San Francisco authorities want to improve urban transport in the future. Possibly used autonomous buses that will carry passengers themselves. So far, two such vehicles have been tested.

Autonomous vehicles are not only passenger cars and trucks. It’s also the buses that will take the roads of many cities in just a few years to improve the efficiency of urban transport. San Francisco has just begun testing two of the latest prototypes of such vehicles that take place in the Bay Area. The technology is currently being tested in the business park, but we may soon see them on public roads.

Two small electric powered buses take up the test, taking 12 passengers, developed by French engineers EasyMile.

They are equipped with cameras and sensors to select the route and detect obstacles that may be on the road. If this is detected, the vehicle will automatically stop. Vehicles are moving without passengers for a while, and the battery on one charge lasts about 14 hours. The bus is also equipped with a special ramp, which is adapted to the needs of the disabled.

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Allison Miles

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