SpaceX missile technical problems

SpaceX’s managed by Elmo Musk may have a serious problem keeping track of the completion of the space taxi. Falcon’s inspection revealed that its engine has structural defects.

For some time, NASA will have to use Russian assistance to provide astronauts for the International Space Station. SpaceX and Boeing, working on rockets to take over this feature, will not be ready for the long haul.

The biggest problem is space space consortium, managed by Elmo Musk. As we know, some time ago on the launch platform exploded one of his missiles, destroying the satellite, and now has another problem. Inspectors from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently examined the Boeing and SpaceX missiles, which won a NASA contract for providing astronauts on the ISS.

The test did not finish well for SpaceX because the inspectors discovered that the turbine blades of the Falcon 9s rocket engine are prone to very frequent cracking. The GAO’s preliminary report states that this poses a huge threat to rocket safety as these rotors pump fuel into the engines. Their failure could cause sudden loss of thrust and damage to the vehicle.

Interestingly, NASA administrator Robert Lightfood has told reporters that government officials have known these problems for months, perhaps even years. SpaceX has also been advised that ruptured rotor blades are too risky for the consortium’s rockets to be used for manned flights.

SpaceX spokesperson assured that company engineers are making the necessary fixes to the rocket components to avoid the problem. However, the problem can be much bigger, as it is impossible to exclude the need to completely redesign the engines.

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Allison Miles

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