Supercompanies will help you find a cure for HIV

Although cancer is more deadly than HIV, it still kills many people, and the fight against this threat is difficult, due to the frequent mutations and the fact that our own immune cells use it. But scientists think they can beat him with supercomputers.

Researchers at the University of Illinois say that using one of the fastest supercomputers in computing power is able to stop HIV. The most recent attack against the virus is capsaicin. They are located between the spherical outer layer of the virus with a diameter of 0.1 micron, and an inner coating known as the core of the virus and containing its RNA strand. Kaposides include 2000 copies of the viral p24 protein arranged in a lattice structure and are responsible for the protection of RNA, so they can turn off the host’s immune system and deliver RNA to new cells. In short, they are the true genius of evil.

Dr Peijun Zhang, chief project officer of the Department of Structural Biology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, says capsids are very important for the replication of HIV, so knowing their structure could lead to new drugs to prevent or fight infection. Unfortunately, their functioning, including the process of merging, remains a mystery to scientists.

One of the Blue Waters supercomputers will help find one. Worth a $ 108 million machine, it has 49,000 AMD processors and can do enormous amounts of floating point operations per second. Especially for this project, new algorithms have been developed that will be used to simulate the behavior and behavior of large biological molecules.

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It is possible that the research will eventually find a remedy for the virus, which is currently the biggest threat to Third World countries where contraception knowledge is currently the weakest. For more information on the research, see the latest issue of Nature.

Allison Miles

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