The biggest threat to your corporate computer? employee

It might seem that after the affair with Richard Snowden, NSA’s national security agency, the NSA will draw conclusions. Meanwhile, it seems that in the same way could lead to another huge data leak.

The American Department of Justice has just accused 51-year-old Harold Thomas Martin of stealing strictly confidential documents, including source codes for a tracking program for other states. Interestingly Martin was hired by former Snowden employer Booz Allen Hamilton, still acting as subcontractor NSA.

Many experts believe that subcontractors can be the source of the greatest threats for both public and private institutions. Buying the latest anti-virus or firewall software without properly prepared security procedures and choosing the company that installs and manages them does not give you anything.

This situation may also affect employees of companies. They may consciously or unconsciously expose us to data leaks, or break into internal corporate networks.

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Allison Miles

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