The default browser on Microsoft Surface RT is disappointing

I guess everyone will agree that a good tablet should be light, handy and fast. How much of these first two features depend only on the physical construction of the device, and its performance is also influenced by the software. It is not enough to use a fast processor, and sometimes you need to optimize your applications accordingly. Apparently, he forgot about Microsoft by creating Internet Explorer 10 for Surface RT.

The Redmond Giant used the SoC Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core, the same as Google has on Nexus 7 tablets. In Surface RT the default operating frequency of the system is 200 MHz higher – it is 1400 MHz. Microsoft’s tablet also has more RAM available – up to 2GB, which is twice the size of the Nexus. As you can see, in terms of specifications, Surface RT does not depart from the much cheaper Google model.

All the more surprising is the poor result of the Windows RT tablet in the Peacekeeper test, which tests the performance of the device while browsing the web. Microsoft’s tablet reaches the default browser, which is Internet Explorer 10, a score of 350 points. The Nexus 7 from Chrome gains almost 490 points. The fastest in the list turns out, of course, iPad 4, but that translates to a much faster processor.

It seems that the latest Internet Explorer is out of the competition. For the best surfing experience, it would be best to simply change your browser. However, there is a serious problem – Microsoft does not allow developers of alternative software for Windows 8 RT to take advantage of such advanced hardware features that it uses in their own programs. It is quite possible that even if Google would create a version of Chrome running on the new Microsoft system, after installing on Surface RT this browser would not be faster than IE 10.

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Allison Miles

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