Unusual building at Milan Expo 2015

Next year’s Milan Expo will surprise all visitors with an unusual pavilion designed by Nemesi & Partners architects. Their winning design is not only very original but also useful as it further purifies the air from any impurities.

A few days ago, an architectural competition was completed for the Palazzo Italia project, one of the pavilions that will host next year’s Milan Expo 2015. The winner turned out to be a project prepared by architects with Nemesi & Partners, who created a unique façade inspired by the jungle, thanks to vegetation capable of purifying air from pollution.

The façade will be made of a special kind of cement developed by Italcementi and will spread over an area of ​​9,000 square meters and will require about 2,000 tons of material.

Facade is made of photocatalytic material, namely cement mixed with titanium oxide. When it comes into contact with ultraviolet light, titanium oxide begins to react with nitrogen dioxide in the air. As a result, the air pollution is converted into inert salts which can then be easily washed off. In addition, the roof of the pavilion will be covered with photovoltaic panels, which will produce electricity during the day.

Palazzo Italia will be the main attraction of next year’s exhibition, and the designed façade is a permanent exhibition and will remain there after the fair.

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Allison Miles

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