Virgin Galactic returns to the game

Virgin Galactic, after a two-year hiatus, returns to the race to conquer outer space. The company has just tested its latest VMS Eve, designed to be launched into the orbit of the VSS Unity passenger vehicle. The examiner ran without any surprises.

Virgin Galactic is one of the corporations specializing in space conquest, owned by Richard Branson. In 2014, however, the crash of its aircraft took place, which resulted in the suspension of the space flight program for almost two years. The problems of luck have already been resolved and Virgin Galactic can continue the project.

The company this week carried out another vehicle test. VMS EVE had an almost four hour flight with the VSS Unity passenger capsule, rising to over 15 km. This was a test of the reliability of the startup and space shuttle combination. When designing new vehicles, of course computer simulations were used, and then aerodynamic tunnels, but tests were also required under real conditions.

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Allison Miles

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